StarVR Strengthens Its High-end Commercial Virtual Reality Application Offering

Partners with French company TechViz to interface StarVR with more than 200 professional engineering software, while developing occupational safety training solutions with AKTIO, the leading construction equipment leasing company in Japan.

StarVR Corporation (TPEx Emerging Market: 6681) announces its partnership with French virtual visualization company TechViz to interface the industry-leading 210-degree wide viewing angle, ultra-high-resolution StarVR head-mounted display interfacing with over 200 CAD and AEC professional engineering software, enabling enterprises to more effectively validate engineering designs to accelerate product development processes. In addition, StarVR and AKTIO, the leading Japanese construction equipment leasing company, jointly created the “AKTIO VR Safety Training System” to allow construction workers to conduct pre-employment safety training through virtual reality, enhancing personal safety for on-site workers.

"In addition to continuing our leadership in the location-based entertainment market, StarVR has partnered with commercial application developers across industries such as construction, automotive, military, aerospace, medical, retail and others to create a high-end virtual reality ecosystem,” said Jerry Kao, Vice Chairman of StarVR Corporation. “We will continue to collaborate with partners in different verticals and enable enterprise users to innovate and create greater value through StarVR's industry-leading virtual reality solutions."

The core of the StarVR solution is its state-of-the-art virtual reality head-mounted display (HMD) designed specifically for enterprise and commercial location-based entertainment applications, featuring a 5K ultra-high resolution and 210-degree wide-viewing angles. It provides exeriences above and beyond home virtual reality devices. With its patented structural design, proprietary optical components and dual screen design, the StarVR HMD delivers superior resolution and eliminates the screen-door effect which occurs during close viewing for a more immersive experience. The StarVR HMD’s 210-degree wide viewing angle provides a wider field-of-view closer to natural human vision than the typical 110-degrees offered by most head-mounted displays in the market. Users can enter the virtual world through intuitive rotation of the eye and their peripherial vision, without having to widen their field of view by turning their head.

Interfacing with over 200 professional engineering software for high-end enterprise applications

Aiming at the high-end enterprise application market, StarVR is partnering with French virtual visualization solution provider TechViz to optimize the TechViz VR platform for the unique dual-panel design of the StarVR HMD. Through the StarVR HMD and two independent signal outputs of TechViz VR, users will be able to view prototype designs created by over 200 CAD and AEC professional engineering software with unprecedented wide viewing angles and high resolution. Industrial designers and engineers can conduct design and engineering validation more effectively to accelerate product development and project planning, and also identify potential design flaws and risks, efficiently saving costs and increase technology content.

“Limited by consumer-oriented virtual reality head-mounted display technology, engineering and industrial design users can't accurately and intuitively browse design prototypes,” said Alexis Vartanian, chief technology officer of TechViz. “With StarVR’s field-of-view that’s close to natural vision, users can naturally interact with design prototypes to dramatically improve accuracy and efficiency."

StarVR’s high-end enterprise virtual reality solutions are suitable for industries that require accurate reproduction of high-resolution models, such as military training simulation, engineering and construction, aerospace development, and automotive manufacturering.

Highly-realistic virtual reality pre-employment training enhances safety of construction workers

Participants cannot experience actual scenarios during traditional occupational safety training in the classroom, greatly reducing its effectiveness. StarVR and Japanese AKTIO developed the "AKTIO VR Security Training System" for enhancing safety at construction sites. Through highly-realistic StarVR virtual reality experiences, construction workers can obtain adaquate occupational safety training before starting their assignments. The system starts with virtual reality simulations of fall accidents, which is the most common accident in the construction industry, allowing the operator to experience the unfortunate situation that might occur when safety instructions are not followed, further strengthening safety regulations awareness.

"Despite the continuous decline of the number of occupational accidents in the construction industry in the past few years, we are committed to strengthening preventive education and training,” said Naoto Konuma, President and COO of AKTIO. “As traditional VR solutions lack sense of reality and cause dizziness, we have cooperated with StarVR to develop the ‘AKTIO VR Safety Training System’ to enhance the quality of pre-employment training with a highly immersive virtual reality experience."

Deepening partnerships with the entertainment industry and continuously expanding in location-based entertainment

The StarVR virtual reality solution is equipped with a high-speed optical tracking system that can accurately track a wide range of actions and provide immersive virtual reality experiences for location-based entertainment operators. It is already adopted by many internationally renowned entertainment companies, including IMAX which established IMAX VR Experience Centers in Los Angeles and New York in early 2017, SEGA Entertainment, which established the StarVR Virtual Reality Experience Zone in its Tokyo SEGA Game Center in December 2017, and Emaar Entertainment, with the world's largest indoor VR theme park (VR Park) opened in Dubai in March 2018.

About TechViz

TechViz possess a industry-leading immersive 3D visualization solution which is able to interface with more than 200 applications such as Dassault Catia, Autodesk Revit, and Siemens NX, helping customers to optimize their development processes, save cost, and reduce time-to-market. Founded in 2004, TechViz is headquartered in Paris, France and brought together R&D experts in computer architecture, 3D rendering and cluster computing.


Founded in 1967, AKTIO is a leading construction equipment leasing company in Japan. It obtained international quality management and environmental management certification, and is committed to providing the most comprehensive and perfect leasing solutions and professional consulting services. AKTIO has 18 branch offices and 360 service bases in Japan and maintains excellent relations with large Japanese construction companies, such as Taisei, Shimizu and Kajima.

About StarVR Corporation

Aiming to be the leading solutions provider of B2B Virtual Reality services, StarVR Corporation innovates the head-mounted display market through its 210-degree, 5K resolution VR headset. StarVR Corporation is a joint venture between Swedish entertainment content creator, publisher and innovator Starbreeze Studios, and Acer, one of the world's top ICT companies with a presence in over 160 countries.

The joint venture designs, manufactures, promotes, markets and manages sales and support of StarVR solutions to the professional, enterprise, and location-based entertainment market. Headquartered in Taipei, StarVR Corporation also has presence in Los Angeles, Paris and Stockholm. Learn more at


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